2022: Hopes and Goals

2022: Hopes and Goals

The 2021 is over! Whether it was filled to the brim with wonderful memories, or darkened by dreary thoughts, it’s finally over. School year 2021-2022 is halfway over, and the entire ACP family is settling into the new school. While it would be fun to do a recap of 2021, I decided to instead talk about my hopes of 2022 and the hopes of some of my classmates. Before we begin, I want to say that the world may be scary when you’re reading this, while we all hope it isn’t, there’s a possibility that circumstances may lead to unfavorable results, and that’s okay. Even if it looks dark right now, light will soon shine. Without light, there’s nothing but void; and without dark, the light becomes blinding. There is a balance in all things; sometimes it may be darker or lighter, but it won’t stay like that for long.

The following are a few quotes I took from my friends of what they hope will happen in 2022, along with my goals and hopes for this year:

“I’d like to be more confident in my abilities and talents, stop worrying about others views of me, and do well on my SAT’s and ACT’s.” -Nina Saeeparsad, Newspaper student

“I want everyone to live a happier life and appreciate what they have and the people around them.” -Cayley Chen, Yearbook student

“[I hope Americans] can stand more united and stronger than ever this year.” -Kristin Patterson, Newspaper and Yearbook teacher

My personal goals and hopes for 2022 is that I want to be a better writer. It’s no secret that I love writing, and that will never change, but I constantly find myself having trouble filling the pages of books with fresh ideas and meanings. I want to be able to finish a book by the time I graduate high school, and I can’t do that unless I can come up with enough ideas to make it interesting. On top of that, I want to get better at writing articles. To me, all of the articles I write start to blend with each other and feel samey, so I am trying my best to make every article I write unique and show different techniques I learned for writing in this class and through my experiences as a writer. Please bear with me as I improve and try my best to give all you readers something on par with the articles published by actual professional Journalists. -Owen Slivka

I hope that all of you stay safe and do extraordinary in this world in 2022. Remember to strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary! Go Knights!