Peer to Peer tutoring

Peer to Peer tutoring

Semester one finals are coming up. We are excited to announce that ACP now offers peer-to-peer tutoring. This tutoring will allow students to meet with a fellow student and be privately tutored by them in a specific subject of the student’s choice. All you have to do if you need a tutor is to fill out this survey here and the school will find a suitable match to help you out. This opportunity does last all year, so even if you don’t need a tutor now, it wouldn’t hurt to have this form tabbed or saved, just in case. This can really help some of the students at ACP, allowing them to get help from people around their ages regularly to go through new material.

Here are what some of the students are saying:

“It’s a great way for students to gain a new level of skill and opportunities both for the mentor and the learner – Evie Henry.”

“It’s good because it establishes a connection between students and makes it easier to communicate because they are around your age.” – Caitlin Soelberg

“Peer-to-peer tutoring is a great way for students to learn and review content in a way that is unique to them.” – Brady Dilworth

So overall, people are excited for the addition of peer-to-peer tutoring within the school. We hope to see you using this to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary! Go Knights!