ACP Knights First Tailgating Party


One of the most famous past times in the United States, American football is a household staple in families all across the nation, and high school football is seen as the defining sport in schools. Recently, our team had their very first home game on our very own field.  To celebrate the school set up a tailgating party before the game. You’re probably wondering, “What is a tailgating party?” According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, tailgating means “host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium.” But the modern definition is more broad, meaning a party before a sports game typically held in the backs of cars, our home games tailgating party had plenty of activities to show off our school pride like face painting.  Face painting is when the faces of the spectators are painted with various items to show spirit, for example, a mascot or a school insignia, or just stripes. Another popular item at this event is the food, which typically consists of a wide variety including grilled, baked, fried, and other methods of preparing scrumptious foods for all to enjoy!  Group games are also played at tailgating parties such as cornhole, horseshoes, KanJam, basically any game where you throw something onto or into another thing, like a post for horseshoe or a hole for cornhole. People who are huge fans of sports will always get a kick out of tailgates and being surrounded by their peers, playing games, and eating food.  All of these festivities provide excitement and suspense for the main event- the football game: The Arizona College Prep High Knights against the Sabino High School Wildcats. In the 14 years of ACP being open, the 14 years of never having our own football field for home games, all lead up to this moment: ACP’s very first home game on our own turf, August 27th, 2021.  Go Knights!