Catching Up with Ms. Bunch!


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Photo courtesy of Coventry University.

Our amazing ACP staff comes from very unique backgrounds allowing them to experience various things. Their experiences provided them with varying lessons that many love to share with Knights. One of the members of our beloved staff has lived in Arizona for years and done an array of jobs, but ultimately came to teaching, due to their life-long love for history. You might have already guessed who this teacher is. It is Ms.Bunch! For those who don’t know, Ms.Bunch is the Honors World History and AP U.S. History teacher. If you’ve known Ms.Bunch since you came to ACP or if you’ve never had her, I’m sure you will learn more about her and gain greater insight into life. Let’s learn more about Ms.Bunch!

Photo courtesy of ACP Yearbook.

Q: I heard that you’re a fourth generation native to Arizona. What is your favorite spot in Arizona?

A: It is difficult to choose just one as my favorite thing about Arizona geographically because you can go from dry, sparse desert land to mountainous, cool forests in less than a day’s drive. However, if I narrow it down, one of my top spots in Arizona is Flagstaff (or somewhere like that) that offers a different esthetic than the valley and is filled with local culture and eateries.

Q: What was your favorite thing about business? What is your favorite thing about teaching?

A: Working in the business world was great in the aspect that when you leave the office, you don’t take work home with you and/or you don’t have to “plan” for the next day. Also a perk: a full hour for lunch! I had an opportunity to engage in major, million-dollar transactions and that is awesome to be able to be part of. My favorite part about teaching is the connection with students, and that everyday and every year are truly different. I also am a huge fan of the two week breaks and holidays off.

Q: Are there any shocking correlations between teaching and business?

A: Not shocking, but it is true what they say: the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. The business world and the academic world have a lot in common, but with different variables. And yes, most teachers do get paid less for their level of education and experience than a comparable person in the business world.

Q: If you could travel to any event in history, which would you go to?

A: Any event in history-yikes! That’s one difficult question. I would have to say the meeting and writing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia. Nothing else in history feels that monumental off the top of my head, but I’m sure I’ll come up with a dozen other ideas later today.

Photo courtesy of ACP Yearbook.

Q: Which historical figure do you admire the most and why?

A: I admire Oskar Schindler for his actions against the Nazi regime.  While there were thousands of people like him who risked their own lives for the safety and lives of those under persecution, the generations of descendants that he is personally responsible for saving is inspiring.

Q: What has been your favorite moment from this school year? How about from all your years teaching at ACP?

A: This has clearly been a weird and memorable year, but what stands out to me the most is where we’re at right now.  To think about where we started with black/blank computer screens and limited participation to the prospect of no masks for next school year just around the corner.  I am so proud of the work the students have put into their academics despite the obstacles and limited “fun” activities. I love so many of the personalities I’ve met this year- so glad they’re part of my journey! A favorite moment from all of my years in teaching is the privilege of giving the graduation speech to the Class of 2020 because a large portion of them were my students (8th graders) the first year I taught at ACP- to see them graduate and be asked to deliver a special message to them was an experience I will never forget.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of teaching?

A: Celebrating successes with my students such as when they find out they were awarded a prestigious scholarship they worked so hard for, when they finally score an A in a class that has been a life-long struggle, when they get their acceptance letter to the university of their choice, when they get asked out by their crush, etc.

Photo courtesy of ACP Yearbook.

Q: Every class that has had you adores and admires you greatly. Do you have any words for the class that arguably admires you the greatest: the Class of 2021?

A: To the Class of 2021- WE WERE CHEATED!  I had looked forward to having many students over the years, but then Mr. Kimball swooped in and stole you.  And then to the students I did have, we lost such a large chunk of time together.  Enough dwelling on the past… you are all amazing human beings with the world before you, and I know you are going to do incredible things for generations to come.  I urge you to make waves and challenge traditions- push the limits while maintaining respect and honor.  The collective potential you have is immense- it is up to you to make some magic! The next ten years of your lives are so exciting, stressful, and foundational.  Go to the party, but take a friend with you.  Travel abroad and encounter new cultures.  Take the dream job, and then walk away when you need to. Go BIG!

Thank you Ms.Bunch for taking time out of your day to answer all of my questions. I hope everyone reading learned more about our wonderful AP U.S. History teacher. Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!