Staff Appreciation post: Coach Webb

Image Taken from the CUSD Website

Image Taken from the CUSD Website

At Arizona College Prep, we have an amazing faculty and staff at work that creates and enrich our high school experience. From all of the hardworking teachers, office workers, cafeteria workers, and janitors, they help our school function and excel to the level it does today. Today we would like to highlight our very own security guard and multiple sports coach known as Coach Webb. A little bit about Coach Webb, he was born in Indiana and attended Purdue University before dropping out to serve in the Navy as a Master-at-arms. This past year of 2020, he graduated from Grand Canyon University and is seeking a career in education. We asked Coach Webb a few questions about his time here at ACP and here’s what he had to say. 

Q. What is your favorite part about your job here at ACP?

A. At ACP I feel like the students and staff are very respectful and easy to work with. The community is wholesome and willing to work together to achieve anything. 

Q. What struggles do you come across while managing multiple jobs?

A. When I first started, I had trouble managing my time. I was still working at a restaurant, and with Uber all while going to school. I feel that working with Coach Blue, the varsity football coach, really helped me become more organized and aware of how to make the most of my time. 

Q. How has your time here working at ACP changed and affected you? 

A. I think that working at ACP has been the best thing that has happened to me. I get to work at a great high school, coach amazing kids, and build long-lasting relationships with many students. I was completely changed for the better because of ACP and all of the opportunities being employed here. 

Q. What are your thoughts on the new campus? 

A. I feel that ACP is long overdue for a new campus. We are one of the top public high schools every year in academics, and our athletic programs are growing exponentially every year and have shown great success. This new campus will catapult ACP to even greater accomplishments in the near future. I’m happy for the future and would like to thank our previous students who attended. ACP because we wouldn’t be here without the dedication of those individuals and all they’ve contributed to even make this expansion possible.

We would like to thank Coach Webb for all that he does for ACP. From keeping kids safe as an authority on campus to transforming young men’s and women’s lives through his coaching, he is an important part of the community at ACP and without his work, ACP would not be the same environment it is today.