Spirit Week..But Online?!


Spirit week is a day that the students of CUSD look forward to. From dressing up to support your favorite sports teams to bringing your pajamas to school, it’s one week every quarter that you don’t have to wear your uniform. Unfortunately, because of the pandmic, everyone is quarantined and schools in Arizona are online. But, that didn’t stop ACPE from celebrating Spirit Week. In addition, students were encouraged to find Sir Erie, who will appear in their teachers’ classrooms during meetings. Students had to take a picture of him, send it to @acpknightserie on Instagram, add the day they saw him, their grade, and their class teacher in order to win Battle of the Classes points.

Monday-Hat Day

Students could wear a hat or headband that makes them look fancy, quirky, or cute!

Tuesday-College Day

Express your dream college through merchandise!

Wednesday-Decade Day

Ever wanted to travel back in time? For a day, you can go back to your favorite decade and dress up in the grooviest outfits of the time. 

Thursday-Sweatshirt Day

Get comfy and cozy in your warmest sweatshirts while you’re in class.

Friday-Fandom Day

We’re all a simp over something, so you can express your interests on Fandom Day by wearing attire to support your fandom!

This spirit week has been an interesting one, but just because everything has gone virtual doesn’t mean that we should not express our creativity. Amazing outfits, Knights, and remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!