Teacher Appreciation Week: Thanking Teachers for All They Do

A student arrived to class 30 minutes late, frustrated about how terrible his week had been. After entering the classroom, he just wanted to forget about his issues outside of the classroom. His teacher noticed that something was up and decided to ask, “How’s everything going for you?” That simple question was enough to let the student know that he was not alone; someone cared.

Another student struggled with learning a concept in her science class. She tried studying from the textbook, but it wasn’t helping. She was still incredibly confused about the concept and didn’t know what to do. After hours of frustration, she asked her teacher for help. Her teacher patiently talked her through the concept, showing her that all she needed was a push in the right direction to figure out the answers.

Picture Credit: Getty Images/iStock

Teachers are there for students in both big ways and small, helping students learn and grow. This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to recognize educators across the country for the positive impacts that they have in the lives of their students. From teaching students fascinating material to giving advice to simply acting as positive role models, teachers make a difference every day! Schools across the country have switched to virtual learning, but teachers are still helping students continue their education through virtual platforms during this time. Let’s take a look at some ways to show appreciation for ACP-Erie’s outstanding teachers this week:

 1. Send an appreciative message to your teachers.

Let your teachers know how grateful you are to have them in your lives. This week is the perfect time to remind teachers that you are thankful for them. A heartfelt message goes a long way in recognizing the positivity and encouragement that teachers bring to the classroom!

2. Create artwork, poems, or stories in honor of the teachers in your life.

Calling all of ACP’s creative minds: this week, perhaps consider drawing a picture or writing a poem or narrative to recognize your teachers! Taking some time to create artwork to thank your teachers is a wonderful way to be appreciative of your teachers this week.

3. #ThankATeacher by participating in the National Education Foundation’s social media campaign.

The National Education Foundation is encouraging students to #ThankATeacher over social media by posting a photo or video to show your thankfulness for all that teachers do. Feel free to participate in this effort to recognize teachers across the country for their creativity and passion.

ACP-Erie would not be the school that it is today without the compassion, knowledge, and dedication of our teachers. This week, let’s take some time to recognize our teachers and remember all that they do for our school!