Highlights from Quarter Three Spirit Week


Vanessa Ghosn

Here are the participants of Mr. ACP lined up before the event.

Last week, ACP’s student government transformed the campus in honor of our third quarter spirit week. For Pajama Day on Monday, students walked through the gates of ACP looking like they had just gotten out of bed. On Tuesday, students reunited with their long-lost twins, dressing in matching outfits with their friends. The students had a chance to wear their favorite band t-shirts on Wednesday, and the ACP campus became a sea of red, white, and blue for Party in the U.S.A. Day on Thursday. On Friday, there was a Battle of the Classes rematch, in which kids from each grade wore their designated class color to compete for points for their class.

On the evening of Friday, February 28th, the student body gathered in the cafeteria to watch Mr. ACP, a male beauty-pageant style event. From lip-synching to showing off their unique talents, ACP’s upperclassmen males competed in rounds in the hopes of being crowned Mr. ACP. After some intense competition, Ahlias Jones ended up being the winner of the 2020 Mr. ACP title.

Ahlias Jones (pictured) was crowned Mr. ACP at the end of the night. Steve Chadwick

To learn a little more about Ahlias and his win, I interviewed him:

Q1: How did you feel when you won Mr. ACP?

A1: When I won Mr. ACP, I was initially very surprised. All of the other contestants are super talented, so it was fun to be chosen as the “manliest man”. After the surprise passed, I was really happy. I love ACP and everything about it, so it was truly an honor to be named Mr. ACP.

Q2: What was your favorite part of the experience?

A2: My favorite part was most definitely the talent portion. The talents were all amazing, and hearing the crowd react to Alex popping his pecs was just awesome.

Morgan Applegate
The participants of Mr. ACP gather on stage for the question-answering portion of the evening.

Q3: Which round was the most challenging for you?

A3: None of the challenges were easy; I can tell you that. From trying to beat the lip-synch champion, Mario, to finding the right talent, it all took some work. For me, the most difficult portion probably was the question portion. I am completely fine with interviews and things like that, but answering the questions in front of a whole crowd was a bit nerve-wracking.

Q4: What are your plans after graduating from ACP?

A4: I plan to go to ASU and major in Sports Business. I hope to eventually become a college athletic director.

Q5: And a fun one: If you could shrink down any animal and carry it in your pocket, which animal would you shrink?

A5: Maybe a lizard, but it wouldn’t really need to be shrunk down. In Tangled, I remember the little chameleon would chill on Rapunzel’s shoulder, and that was cool to me.

The week culminated in this year’s MORP, A Night Under the Streetlights, on Saturday night. The dance took place outside, in the school parking lot. The students enjoyed dancing the night away under the stars, appreciating the great outdoors. With third quarter wrapping up, last week was a fun opportunity for ACP students to relax before jumping into spring break.