The Pep Assembly of the Quarter!

The Pep Assembly of the Quarter!

Every quarter brings something new to our school- sports, events, new opportunities, and more! We rounded out the third quarter with a very spectacular assembly that mesmerized the student body. StuGo organized the fun, interactive assembly that interrupted the stressful last weeks of the quarter and gave students a reprieve. Thank you, StuGo!

Cheer and Pom started the event and gave fluid, synchronized, and energetic performances flaunting their hours of practice, their skills, and Nationals status. The performances both by Pom and Cheer were incredible, demonstrating the strength, control, and unity drilled into our cheer and pom girls!

Battle of the Classes, still in full swing then, invited students from each grade, throughout the assembly, down to the gym floor to compete in burrito rolling, Nutella licking, blind musical chairs with teachers, and chanting volume competition! Freshmen won the burrito rolling; seniors won the Nutella licking contest; sophomores won the blind musical chairs; and juniors won the chanting volume competition!

In an absolutely breath taking performance of grace and skill, our dance club performed “Dancing Through The Decades.” The costumes, dance moves, and attention to detail created a performance worth seeing twice! Good job, Dance Club!

Mr. Bickes also celebrated the students of the month, who will be treated to a luncheon today! Our freshmen students of the month were Evie Henry and Gabe Huffman; the sophomores were Jacy Fuller and Ethan Ngo; the juniors’ students were Leah LeBonheur and Andrew Myers. Finally, the senior students of the month were Gaya Sudheer and Josh Tenorio.

From dad jokes in between acts to dancing and stunts, and the introduction of spring sports, Friday’s pep assembly was an exceptional, first rate experience! Thank you to everyone who was in it, helped it happen, and StuGo for doing such a wonderful job! Go, Knights!