MORP and Mr. ACP Coming Up

What an exciting week and weekend we have planned!  Our school is going to be hosting its exciting, annual Mr. ACP contest, our spring spirit week, and MORP, the famed dance itself.

The annual Mr. ACP is a fun contest where male students perform in a twist of a beauty contest!  Gentlemen will be asked to perform a talent, various other activities, and will be judged on who is the most entertaining, skilled, or extra! In a very tasty surprise, French fries will be available before the contest as well as a variety of other sides, and the best part- it’s free! Free French fries and sides will start at 6:30 P.M. this Friday, the twenty-eighth. We can’t wait to see who wins, how wonderful the fries are going to be, and who’s going to be there!

The evening afterwards, Saturday the twenty-ninth, MORP will take place! MORP is a fun idea that creates a much more casual event and a fun night out. MORP is backwards prom in that, it is customary for the girls to ask the guys out!  The dance is also backwards; this outdoors event warrants comfortable and stylish street clothes right from your closet.  No expensive dresses or tux rentals at this dance!  The laid back evening will take place in the student parking lot, starting at 7:00 P.M. and rolling to 10:00 P.M.. For a night “Under the Streetlights “come join us this Saturday!

Tickets for MORP may be purchased from the bookstore for fifteen dollars- a sale price! Of course, if you happen to have an activity card, then entrance is free, but if you buy tickets at the door, it’ll cost you twenty dollars. Should you wish to invite more friends, you are always welcome to, but please remember to fill out a guest pass and turn it in by Thursday to Mrs. Wilson. Administration does ask that you check the ACP website for details on parking and who may need to move their vehicles for the occasion.