Valentine’s Day Is Here!


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Heart from a book page against a beautiful sunset.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and many people are looking to express their love.  Sometimes coming up with an idea, a good idea, is hard.  You might feel that getting a great gift is too hard, or expensive, but some of the most genuine gifts are ones that don’t come from the wallet, but from the heart.  Here are some examples of easy gifts that make your partner feel valued.

1.   A white board that has “I love you because ______” printed on it.  Everyday is an opportunity to write a gift of words to your loved one.

2.   A small, decorated matchbook that is actually filled with stick pretzels, their tips dipped in red icing.  A small gift that’s sweet and simple!

3.   An inspired treasure hunt! Bring your partner through past dates and favorite moments by leading them on a treasure hunt!

4.   A classic, always enjoyed gift would be the delicious chocolate dipped strawberries.  A sweet treat everyone loves is perfect!

5.   Using a normal Jenga game, decorating the pieces is optional, create a series of loving actions or thought-provoking questions.  Every time they pull a piece one or the other will be acted out.  It’s a fun, interactive game that’s sure to make the day heartfelt.

6.   A box filled with small gifts that mean something special to you and your valentine!

Any gift, of any sort is valued if it is given with love.  Maybe you don’t have a car yet, maybe you just don’t know what store to go to, well, we have just the thing for you: ACP is selling valentines in the courtyard!  They are selling roses for two dollars; candy for two dollars; and a five dollar bundle of a rose, a candy , and a plush!  Get yours today for a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or crush!