Our Math Club Had A Successful Tournament!


Our Math club is an organization that practices different math levels and disciplines in order to participate in challenges and tournaments measuring the speed and correctness in completion of math problems on tests.

Math club just participated in the National Assessment and Testing Team Scramble!  This tournament is organized in rounds during November when Math madness takes place, which is what the tournament is.  During each round participants complete a test together using one answer sheet to be submitted for ranking.  National Assessment and Testing is an organization that allows clubs and honors societies across the country to compete for bragging rights.

All at the same time on Thursday, November seventh, a 100 question test was administered across the country and timers were set for thirty minutes.  Students race against the clock to finish the test that covers a huge range of topics, formats, and difficulties made to challenge students and teach them to work together.  That was round one; the week after that, on the fourteenth, they did the second round.  Then, the third round was on the twenty first.

Points were tallied and everyone was ranked.  ACP’s Math club placed 15th nationwide!   That is a stupendous and shockingly amazing ranking all due to the hard work of the bright students of Math club!  Of course there were other schools from Arizona on the leader board like our rival the University High School in Tucson, who were only four points ahead of us.  We’ll get ’em next time!  We did however beat another school far closer to home- Mt. View High School!

Congratulations are definitely in order for these quick-witted, brilliant students that have given ACP another opportunity to show how great our school is!  Say congrats to any of the Math club members if you see them for their great work!  Go, Knights!