Nothing Tops Knight Games!


Last Friday, our school celebrated Knight Games!  The event was awesome in all ways possible; our school tried something new this year after seeing the different format at another school.  This year instead of being spread around the entire school with different stations and timers telling us when to rotate, it all took place in the gym.  Teams were created by grade levels: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, with the StuGo members rotating through the teams to even out the numbers.  There were several events, and before the night really started, they were passing around a sheet where students on the teams could sign up to compete in different events, representing their grade.

Students that came to the fun night didn’t know what to expect and were blown away by how exciting and energetic it was!  StuGo was selling Knight Games class shirts and students were decked out in this spirit wear all night.  The night was fast and crazy.  They played pie face, dodge ball, threw free throws, played tissue box ping pong, blind musical chairs, angry birds, and danced and sang along to the music blasting from the DJ’s speakers, finishing up with tug a war!

Pie face was the first game; where you had to rummage around in whip cream to get all the objects out of the plate using only your mouth. When the students emerged from their plates, every single one of them had a healthy, white beard causing everyone to start laughing manically!

Dodge ball was the next game, and it was life or death.  Balls were flying at breakneck speed everywhere, yelling echoed through the gym, classes screamed their grade chants, the adrenaline was filling everyone.

The free throw competition was just as intense, as victorious cries made with every basket were deafening.

In tissue box ping pong, the goal was to shake out the ping pong balls in the tissue box tied to your back; everyone was crowded around the circle of participants yelling tips in an incomprehensible din.

Blind musical chairs was just as loud: the music, kids singing along, directional orders, and general chaos.  The long game was absolutely hysterical!  Students were bumbling around, and the crowd on the sideline was getting comically frustrated when their instructions didn’t help!

Then came angry birds.  Students were instructed to construct a “fortress” out of cardboard boxes, and then they basically played dodge ball again, but you had to protect your fortress too!

The only game where everyone could participate was a game of instructions, much like the game “Ship or Shore.”  People partnered up and walked in two circles rotating opposite directions, then the mediator would yell out an action and you had to find your partner and perform the action.  There was cowboy, cockroach, lover’s embrace, and London bridge.  If you did the action last then you were out.  The Juniors won that one!  It was decidedly one of the favorites of the night!

The final activity before the color war was tug of war.  This was the game that would decide the winner of the class competition;  it was very serious.  Shirts were taken off in preparation and instructed to be put back on, smack talk both before and after each “war” was serious, and every single person tried their hardest!

In the end, sophomores won the class competition, leading by one point.

Finally, at the end of the night, everyone hurried over to the field for the color war.  Mr. Bickes sectioned off some dryer grass and everyone ran around throwing powder over heads, on to shirts, and friends, and at the conclusion of the color war everyone grabbed their phones to take hilariously ridiculous photos with their class and friends!  Looking back, it was a spectacular night and it’s all thanks to the wonderful, hard working students of StuGo!  These students have been preparing for this night longer than you prepare for finals!  Tendall Weigand was in charge of the committee for Knight Games, so be sure to say thank you to her and all of the other StuGo members for making this such a great night!  Go, Knights!