Field Trip to the NHS Leadership Summit


These ACP students represented our school at the summit.

Last Thursday, September 12th, a few representatives from ACP’s National Honor Society attended the Arizona State NHS

and NJHS Leadership Summit. This was an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and learn more about ways that NHS could get involved in the community. NHS and NJHS members from across the state of Arizona voiced their opinions at the event.

The summit took place at Memorial Union in Arizona State University. Lasting from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., the event included games and fascinating presentations from several guest speakers. Attendees learned more about upholding the four pillars of National Honor Society: character,  scholarship, leadership, and community service. By focusing on holding true to these values, NHS students serve as positive role models for their peers.

Picture from National Honor Society website

To learn more about the field trip to the leadership summit, I spoke with a few members of ACP’s chapter of NHS who were present at the event. One of these students, who prefers to remain anonymous, explained her positive experience:

Q: How did attending the NHS/NJHS summit benefit our school?

A: We were able to learn more about possibilities for funding ACP’s National Honor Society events in the future. Also, representatives from other NHS chapters explained several events that they have organized at their schools for fundraising and team-building purposes.

Q: Why did you choose to go to the summit?

A: I attended the event in order to build better leadership skills and learn ways that I can help lead my National Honor Society chapter toward success.

As well, 11th grader Andrea Linder, another attendee from ACP, recapped some of her favorite parts of the leadership summit:

Q: What did you learn from the event?

A: It was very interesting to learn more leadership tips from other schools around the state as well as qualities that we should embody as leaders. Personally, I learned how to better understand the dynamic between a team and the role of a leader in that team.

Q: What activities did you participate in at the summit that helped you learn these leadership skills?

A: We played a couple games that tested the limits of our communication, verbal and nonverbal, as well as our competitive versus strategic personalities. Also, we discussed what it means to be a leader in a forum-style conference.

Q: Would you recommend attending future leadership summits held by NHS/NJHS?

A: Overall, I would consider the NHS state summit to be a very enlightening experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to seek roles in management later in life.

All in all, the leadership summit was an educational opportunity that helped our National Honor Society representatives learn more about how to make an impact in the community. They learned about key leadership skills and pillars to success that will be useful in school and beyond.