Totally Tubular Tailgate!


The tailgate was a wild, loud, and awesome event that started out early in the evening with golden sunlight still smeared across the stratosphere, and ended when the deep twilight made the carnival glow brighter than the sky.  The smell of yummy waffles and wet grass from the dunk tank overlaid the scene with the comforting smells of fair. The multitude of students wandering around, laughing, eating, and playing games created a buzz of noise that filled everyone with elation and generally child-like joy.

Last night the east field was littered with attractions and lights almost as bright as the coloring that stained the lips of so many students, strolling around holding melting cups of shaved ice from the food truck resting in the valley of grass.  A quiet moment was unheard of with the spinning rides that swung so many students around and around, the dart games punctuated with the ringing sound of a balloon popping every few seconds, and a knock out bounce house that emitted screams of joy, defeat, and victory, not to mention the music blaring from the loud speakers.

The most crowded booth was the dunk tank where students looking for fun or revenge could throw a baseball at the target set up in the soggy grass in an effort to dunk their teacher.  The splashing and screams went on all night and Mr. May, Mrs. Berger, Mr. Fraser, Mr. Montano, Mr. Lindstrom, and Mr. Johnson were thrown into the tank of doom.  It was all good-natured fun and there was plenty of laughter echoing across the field.  The turnout was great, and many students looking for some Thursday night fun came and enjoyed the tailgate carnival.  Starting at 5 and accepting many stragglers throughout the night, many people were ushered out of the field at 8 P.M.  All-in-all the night was a smashing success.