ACP Welcomes a New Dean of Students!

Taken from the  ACP Erie Facebook page.

Taken from the ACP Erie Facebook page.

This year, despite saying goodbye to junior high, we became a large enough school to warrant a dean of students!  This year we embrace a new figure of leadership and friendship to our school staff: Mrs. McClure!  She agreed to an interview about herself, her past, and her plans for the future.

Q: What did you do before you came to work at ACP?

A: Before I came to ACP, I most recently worked in the Higley Unified School District where I was math coach/ interventionist and math teacher. I also was the Varsity Girls’ Swim Coach at Higley High.  Over the course of my career, I have taught Kindergarten through adult learners.  The majority of my time was spent in middle school math.

Q: What’s the most interesting adventure you’ve been on?

A: I went to Puerto Vallarta with my best friend and my daughter, and we did the Extreme Adventures Course.  I went down one of the longest and fastest zip lines like Superman.  I also jumped off a tower on a pendulum swing.  This is seriously one of the most fun yet craziest things I have done.

Q: What do you want to bring to the ACP campus?

A: I am excited to bring my experience and passion for working with students and teachers to the ACP campus.  I enjoy working with teachers to offer guidance and feedback in the instructional process.  My strength is in instructional practices, curriculum design, and professional development.  I am excited to develop a good relationship with the ACP community including parents, students, and teachers.

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Q: What kind of daily functions will you be handling as the Dean of Students?

A: As Dean of Students, I will be handling sophomore and Junior Discipline, CTE, and Clubs/ Activities. I will also be working with teachers in the World Language Department, Math Department, Social Sciences Department, and CTE.  In addition, I will be assisting Mr. Bickes and Ms. Osborn with whatever they need help with.

Our office is full of interesting and wonderful people with amazing stories.  Get to know them and you’ll meet someone fabulous like Mrs. McClure!  Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to our newest staff member.   Mrs. McClure will be a wonderful addition to our Knights family, and we wish her the best!  Have a wonderful first year Mrs. McClure!