ACP’s DECA – Lip Sync Battle


ACP’s DECA has invited all Knights to the First Grand Annual Lip Sync Battle! At 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 29, 2019 be prepared to “sing” your heart out to everyone in the cafeteria! The entrance fee is only $3 for everyone, participants or spectators. You might be wondering how a lip sync battle works. A participant will let the coordinator know what song you want to sing and perform on the cafeteria stage and lip sync the words. Easy enough, right? It’s an exciting event where you get to perform your favorite song without actually singing it!

The audience’s reaction and applause will decide who the winner is, so be sure to cheer loudly as a prize will also be included! Moreover, there will be a very exciting addition –  the new school store! ACP’s new school store, known as “The Plug” will provide all snacks, drinks, and any refreshments you need.

This is a school-wide event meaning anyone can join. Bring your friends and families to have a very entertaining night full of excitement! ACP DECA is looking forward to seeing all Knights there!