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Chandler Innovation Fair

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Rounding off the month, our ACP Knights are continuing to hold the front lines of academic prowess in Arizona. The Chandler Innovation Fair, held at the Hamilton High School on February 23rd, 2019, encompasses several different STEM-based categories including: HISEF (Hamilton Invitational Science and Engineering Fair), the Project Based Learning Showcase, the Robotics Competition and Showcase, the Invention Convention Showcase, and the Computer Science Showcase.

ACP has long been known for scientific involvement in our community, but the inaugural Chandler Innovation Fair has set an unprecedented standard for our school. Those that range from little to extreme interest in science were able to demonstrate their skills and findings during this fair.

The Chandler Innovation Fair was an event full of hands-on activities and events for everybody from students to parents. Across the board, our ACP students cultivated numerous awards. The winners are as follows:

Honorable Mention

Nealin Banerjee, Izaan De Bruyn, Yashraj Singh, Yaniv Briker, Yibo Chen, Sohani Sandhu

Third Place

Diya Nath, Jacob Kaufman-Warner, Dean Brasen, Waldo King, Tamara Gruijicici, Andrea Linder, Kristin Myer, Yuno Choi, Robert Granville

Second Place

Chloe Tognacci, Ryan Newsom, Omina Nematova, Bridge Bach, Ivy McNeil, Kyrene Patarakun, Tamuyen Truong, Annelise Velarde

First Place

Mihira Karnik, Pooja Athmanathan, Lucas Conklin, Ryan Harding, Kazushi Iwamoto, Sebastian Javadpoor, Tej Patel, Sophia Sun, Jacy Fuller, Nevan Hanford.

Special Awards

The Robotics Team won the Robotics Showcase Award

Pooja Athmanathan won the Northrop Grumman’s Astronomy and Physics Award

Bridge Bach and Ivy McNeil won the “WaterWise” Award

Congratulations to our ACP students who represented scientific prowess at the Chandler Innovation Fair! Continuing the front, our amazing students are pushing their projects even further to create local change.

Chandler Innovation Fair