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Encapsulating The Third Quarter: 2023-2024 School Year


As the curtains of the phenomenal third quarter of the 2023-2024 school year draw to a close, let’s recap the eventful quarter. Some events included MORP, Random Acts of Kindness Week, Valentine’s Day, Black Student Union Spirit Week, and our sports tryouts. MORP was a rodeo-themed dance, and RAK Week allowed students to demonstrate kindness and compassion as part of their daily lives. BSU Spirit Week incorporated the following themes: Athletic Vs. Cozy, Jersey Day, Sneaker Day, 2000’s Day, and a Pan African flag colors day. For Valentine’s Day, they had a two-day dress-up day where you could wear red and pink and match with a friend.

I interviewed one of my friends, Eden Smith. When I asked Eden what her favorite part about the third quarter was, she explained, “This quarter, I enjoyed going to MORP as it was an opportunity to have a good time with my friends.” I also asked Eden what she most enjoyed during the school’s exciting assemblies, which she shared were the eloquently planned dance routines brought to us by the ACP’s Royalettes and the Dance Team. The school became closer as a family because all the multiple opportunities like RAK week and BSU Spirit Week gave students and staff who make up this hard-working school a chance to create more memories and everlasting bonds that will last a lifetime.

We can look back on the memories we have made from New Year’s to Valentine’s Day and look forward to new memories. We, as a school, can’t wait to end this school year with a blast as we enter Spring Break. Don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights! 

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