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ACP’s International Knight Festival: An Annual Tradition


Practicing inclusion at school is crucial for students and staff to ensure they feel represented and included among the ACP family. As an incredibly diverse school, the ACP family does its utmost to elevate diversity and education on everyone’s unique backgrounds and cultures. Embracing and celebrating everyone’s differences allows people to attain a strong sense of belonging and acceptance. It is essential to foster an environment that welcomes all students and strives to include their various cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Additionally, it is pivotal to acknowledge the significant influence that various communities have had on American culture. Because of this, we aim to honor and recognize the presence of cultures and allow people to share their experiences. In order to do this, ACP hosts an annual festival to spread cultural awareness and understanding by setting up informational and engaging booths. The festival also includes performances such as dances, songs, and poetry. This year’s festival will take place on Friday, April 5th from 5-8 p.m.

By bringing together students and staff from different backgrounds, ACP can offer diverse perspectives that can contribute to enriching the learning experience. This cultural exchange helps develop a sense of empathy and understanding among students, which is essential for building a more inclusive and stronger community. The International Knight Festivals enables students to deepen their knowledge of a variety of cultures, ideas, and, traditions from someone who comes from a different background. As junior Rabia Unver expressed, “The festival shows a blend of beautiful cultures and backgrounds all in the same courtyard. It is beneficial for students and staff because it makes them more open-minded and brings together a diverse community. It also allows for more inclusion as any culture can set up a booth and proudly share their culture.”

Activities such as ACP’s International Knight’s Festival motivate students and staff to celebrate different cultures and traditions and learn about others. It provides a platform for people to showcase their diverse experiences and perspectives, which is of great importance to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. We cannot wait to see everyone sharing their traditions and backgrounds during the festival. Go Knights! 


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