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Mrs. Sutaria: ACP’s Incredible AP Stats Instructor


We are joined here at ACP this year by 31 new educators, including Mrs. Sutaria. We welcomed her at the start of the school year as an Advanced Placement Statistics instructor. As she had already taught several classes ranging from Algebra One to Precalculus, and Introduction to Statistics, she wanted a new class and is exceedingly thrilled to join the ACP family. Since she is newly discovering everything at ACP, she is enjoying all the individual experiences that our phenomenal school has to offer. 

Credit to STAT Online – Penn State

Mrs. Sutaria not only loves what she does, but is very passionate about it as well. As a teacher, she anticipates that her positive energy rubs off on her students, which can then motivate them to further their educational knowledge in Stats. Regarding her goal, she strives to teach as many different math classes as possible. Besides having a crucial role in a student’s education, she has out-of-school hobbies, too. Those leisure activities include occasionally reading, but since 2020, watching many movies and shows on Prime and Netflix has become her main pastime. I had the enjoyable opportunity to interview Mrs. Sutaria in which I asked her some exciting questions. If she had to be any breed of dog, she would choose to be a German Shepherd. To elaborate on that, she explained, “Although they are big in size, German Shepherds are extremely friendly, intelligent, caring, and loyal.” As a result of the future being unknown and full of surprises yet to be discovered, Mrs. Sutaria would benefit from traveling to the past as she would like to change some past decisions she made. 

Credit to STAT ONLINE – Penn State

The ACP family is more than just grateful to have Mrs. Sutaria join us and be a part of the remarkable environment and community among the hardworking students and staff. Although Mrs. Sutaria has been to various countries, she still needs to make her way up to New Zealand, as New Zealand is very green and surrounded by the ocean. But there is no better place to be than ACP. We all make up the extraordinary school it is and will continue to be for many years. Go Knights!


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