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Introducing Ms. Vance: ACP’s Skills Strategies and Resource English 9/10 Instructor


While a teacher’s job may seem effortless, it is one of the most significant and influential occupations. That is because it impacts a student’s life. At ACP, we have some of the most hard-working, talented, and passionate teachers. Among those is Ms. Vance, a teacher dedicated to educating high school students in Resource English 9/10 and Skills Strategies. Her devotion to helping students was passed down from her mom, grandmother, and two aunts, as she chose to continue their family legacy.

Ms. Vance decided to pursue teaching Resource English 9/10 and Skills Strategies specifically, as communication is crucial. I had the exciting opportunity to interview Ms. Vance, and she explained, “Writing and reading gives us an avenue for self-expression, as well as a way to understand others’ perspectives.” Regarding her style of teaching, students would describe it as organized but flexible. When being a teacher, you need to motivate and engage your students. Ms. Vance does so by pointing out the positives, explaining the usefulness of the material or lesson to our lives, and acknowledging when a student shows skills growth.

Besides being a teacher, in her free time, Ms. Vance enjoys spending time with her family and pets, playing Scrabble/Wordle, visiting aquariums, aqua scaping, and traveling. When I asked her if she would rather time travel to the future or the past, she stated, “The future, since the past is already in the books.” She also would love to visit and explore the marvelous Tahiti and stay in an overwater bungalow.

ACP is exhilarated and thrilled to have Ms. Vance join the family. She is a phenomenal addition to this school year’s list of new teachers. We cannot wait to see what Ms. Vance accomplishes here at ACP. Welcome, Ms. Vance. Go Knights!

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