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ACP’s Newest Chemistry Teacher: Mr. Baumgartel!

ACPs Newest Chemistry Teacher: Mr. Baumgartel!

Teachers are able to influence our image of the world around us and encourage students to become a better version of themselves through their profession. I recently received the opportunity to interview one such teacher new to ACP, Mr. Baumgartel, who teaches Chemistry and Honors Chemistry.

When asked about why he became a chemistry teacher and what inspired him to begin teaching, he responded with “When COVID hit, I took a moment to reflect on what I was doing and where I was going. I realized that the most fulfilling component of my graduate school experience was teaching undergraduates, and I made the decision to start looking for teaching jobs. I taught at a charter school in AZ until I was able to get my teaching certification and look for jobs at public schools.” His style of teaching heavily revolves around computers. Noting that he was happy to see all the students have an individual computer, he added that “My lectures are Google Slides-based, and students can follow along on their laptop as I teach. I like this method because students always have access to the material, and they can work at their own pace.” Mr. Baumgartel’s best piece of advice for students is “knowing how to take effective and useful notes. If you are struggling to take good notes, I would be happy to help out.” He says that he doesn’t know enough about the school or it’s events to decide what he is looking forward to most this year, but nonetheless remarks that “I feel very fortunate to be at ACP.”

In his free time, Mr. Baumgartel can be found playing a few instruments. He enjoys going to concerts and collecting records, too. If given the option to travel back in time or to the future, he would visit the past because “there are several 1990’s bands I would like to go and see in their prime.” As a chemistry teacher, Mr. Baumgartel adds that his favorite chemical element is carbon and explains that “I am trained in organic chemistry, which involves compounds that contain carbon.”

We are very grateful that we gained another member of the ACP family that inspires growth within the STEM community. We are excited to see what Mr. Baumgartel can bring to ACP. Go Knights!

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