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Ms. Dupke: An Inspiring Addition to Our ACP Family


Having a teacher who strives to inspire students with both academic and life lessons is pivotal to students’ learning. Their dedication to being role models for students and helping them grow as much as they can is what makes their lessons memorable. Ms. Dupke, an economics and AP macroeconomics teacher at ACP, is an excellent example of this, as she inspires students to challenge themselves and grow from every situation, even if it is not ideal. As she stated, “We can still grow, learn, and gain valuable knowledge by putting forth our best efforts even when we may not love a subject or activity. We become better overall learners and more well-rounded people when we challenge ourselves to do this. I hope to inspire students to challenge themselves in this way.” Throughout her career, Ms. Dupke has taught government and economics. Her interest began when she attended CloseUp, a program that takes students to Washington, DC, and allows them to meet members of Congress. 

I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Dupke, and I asked her for advice she would give to students, to which she responded, “Keep challenging yourself! You are capable of so many things! You just need to start with a first step toward a goal, ask for help and guidance, and surround yourself with people who believe in you and encourage you to meet that goal.” Growing up in a family consisting of other professors, Ms. Dupke was inspired to pursue a career in education. Although she currently recognizes her passion for teaching, she had a different course in graduate school. Helping teach a freshman-level class allowed her to realize she enjoyed education more than research, as she continuously learned from interactions with students and was committed to supporting them in their learning journey. From a young age, the love of learning and the value of education have been deeply embedded in her home, which naturally led to Ms. Dupke’s passion for teaching. 

When I asked Ms. Dupke what her favorite part of ACP is, she expressed, “ACP has a great sense of community! The students and staff get involved in so many activities and demonstrate their genuine enjoyment in being here.” Thank you, Ms. Dupke, for being an outstanding role model to every student and supporting their learning journey. The entire ACP family is thankful for your unwavering commitment to teaching lessons that will accompany students beyond their high school years. 

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