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ACP Celebrates Mole Day!
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Here at ACP, we foster the interests of learning for all students in a myriad of ways. One way we do this is by celebrating holidays among the student body. One such holiday is Mole Day, which is a great day for chemists and chemist enthusiasts alike. Even though it’s not recognized as an official holiday, it is still celebrated in several countries across the world from 6:02 A.M.  to 6:02 P.M. on October 23 to commemorate the mole.

Artwork by Riley Wood

For those that do not know, the mole is the unit of measurement in the International System of Units, or SI, in chemistry that represents the amount of elementary particles in an amount of substance. One mole of a substance is equal to approximately 6.02×10^23 particles, a number called Avogadro’s constant, which is named after Italian chemist Amadeo Avogadro. The name comes from “mol” from the German “molekül” meaning “molecule”.

Artwork by Anonymous

To celebrate, chemistry students engaged in all sorts of activities in their classrooms, such as showing their creative sides by writing poems and songs and creating fantastic artwork inspired by moles. Others, such as junior, Zach Chu, brought in food such as cookies. He expressed that his favorite part of Mole Day was the food and talking to people. Junior Riley Wood and her class participated in Mole Day by “sharing poetry and art as well as eating food.” Her favorite part was painting her project in honor of the event. Mole Day was an amazing way to bring our students together through activities as a way to encourage learning.

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