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Girls Flag Football: A Fortunate Season


ACP’s Girls’ Flag Football team is a dedicated and talented group of young athletes who are fierce with determination and diligence. They have showcased their passion and commitment to the sport throughout this season. All the players have a close camaraderie due to their excelling performance on and off the field. One of those players is Victoria Jagdon, a junior at ACP. As it is the team’s first year as an official AIA varsity sport, she explains that the team is excited and filled with exceptional talent and potential. This season the goal was to make it to state championships and build a solid foundation for future years.

Like all high school sports teams, they have that driving force that pushes athletes to play to the best of their ability. The Flag Football team gets motivated by positive reassurance, and listening to music before games on the bus prepares them. As for their achievements, Victoria further elaborates, “Our team is most proud of our team chemistry and resilience. We have made the most of our talent and use our strengths to the best of our abilities.” The team also faces an obstacle, which is knowing that the team is counting on you, especially during close games. Victoria also says, “Each play matters, so acknowledging that you are not only doing your job but putting forth your best effort and performance is mentally challenging.” Flag Football is just one of the many teams competing to go to the State Championships. A piece of advice Victoria Jagdon would give to those other teams is to, “Enjoy the moment and have fun. However, make sure to work hard and stay focused. Making the most of the moment and lifting each other up even during tough games is important.”

The team is not just a group of athletes. They symbolize how hard work does pay off. The girls are a great role model in our school, showing that being devoted to a hobby or sport helps overcome roadblocks and promotes school spirit. The players are inspiring to others as they never give up, no matter what they might face. The ACP family is eager to see what the next big step is for the team as they wrap up the end of a remarkable season. Go Knights!

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