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ACP’s Chess Tournament Win


When people hear the term “sport”, they will most likely think of intense physical activities such as football or basketball. However, one sport that is often overlooked is chess. Although lacking in physicality, chess requires great mental strength in players to make strategic moves and anticipate their future moves in order to win. Played all over the world, chess is an important sport that is difficult to master, making it all the more impressive that our own chess team performs so well.

On Saturday, September 23, our chess team won against Chandler Prep, Desert Vista, Cactus Shadows, and Skyline at the Region III Chess Tournament. The coach of our chess team, Mr. May, explained that in his opinion, “The most rewarding part of chess is being able to support such a talented group of players and watch them succeed match after match.”

Like everyone else on the chess team this season, he is looking forward to winning the state championship again. Mr. May said excitedly that “The level of experience and talent we have on our chess team is amazing and awesome.” This makes sense, considering that as of now they are undefeated in the season. To prepare for such tournaments, the chess team practices by playing in chess club three times a week after school. Mr. May is most proud of each and every member of the team.

We hope our chess team will continue to dominate the competition and eventually make it to Nationals and are so proud of all the team members who represent our school so well. Remember to strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary. Go Knights!

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