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ACP Mountain Bike Team’s First Race


Mountain biking is a great sport for those who want to improve their mental health and also love spending time outdoors.  Not only is it a fun way to gain strength, but is also a fantastic way to build a sense of community through a sports team. On Sunday, September 10, ACP’s Mountain Bike team visited Flagstaff for their first race of the season. Many of our Knights came back successful in surpassing their previous scores, and some members in JV2 even made it in the top three!

I received the opportunity to speak with junior Dmitri Kineyko, a member who won first place in the JV2 Boys category. He started mountain biking last year on impulse and joined the club because he wanted to try something new, saying “I already rode my bike for fun and I thought it would be a great activity to do. It wasn’t too big of a time commitment and I got to meet new people.” He is motivated by the aspect of challenge, citing that “I want to do my best in this sport, and although I had a knee injury, which prevented me from moving up, I plan on winning a JV1 race next year and eventually racing varsity.” According to Dmitri, his biggest support was everyone around him. “My dad was the one who got me to start cycling initially, so I’d say most of it goes to him. Besides that, all of my coaches, teammates, and family have also been very helpful.” He was surprised to achieve first place since he believed he didn’t do well last year. Because of this, he started near the back of the race and didn’t know he was in the lead until he finished his first lap. Dmitri was largely surprised by the fact that he won by almost a minute and a half, and hopes that he is able to win more races next season.

Another member of the Mountain Bike team is Sean McClung, a junior who finished third place. He’s been mountain biking since he was young but has only recently become serious about the sport about two years ago. He wanted to start doing it because his dad did it, and once he began riding, he learned how fun it is. When asked about what motivates him to continue playing the sport, he responded with “I found enjoyment that came from being alone in the desert. Once I joined the ACP MBT as well, I felt even more inclined to continue riding, as I had more of a goal to work for, which is wanting to do well at races.” Sean’s biggest support for him was his dad who has supported him since he was young. More recently, he adds, “All of my coaches have made a large impact on me. They inspire me to ride more and make me strive to do better each day.”

Sports are very important to the ACP family, and we are proud that our team is off to a wonderful start. Congratulations to everyone on the Mountain Bike Team.  We are sure they will do great in their future races. Go Knights!


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