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Our New Spanish Teacher: Mrs. Oelschlager


Being a teacher to a class of students comes with great responsibility and a sense of leadership. For students to progress in life as a whole, teachers are those who have inspiring dedication that aims to lead each of their students to strive for success. We perceive teachers as kindhearted individuals who care about their student’s well-being. Teachers support students in recognizing their unique skills, abilities, talents, and interests and help them pursue whatever may be their passion. Among the 31 new teachers at ACP, one of our new Spanish teachers is Mrs. Oelschlager, and today we will be interviewing her.

Aiming to give students at ACP more chances to learn new languages, Mrs. Oelschlager became a Spanish teacher because she “feels that learning other languages opens more opportunities in life and connects you to different cultures and worlds. Because I love foreign languages, I wanted to bring those opportunities to ACP High School students and show them they can learn other languages like millions of others.” When I asked her how she felt about joining ACP, she responded, “I felt super excited. Teaching high school students is a rewarding and challenging job. I was at home raising my sons for six years. It felt great to come back to teaching and start at ACP High School.” As her first year of teaching at this school, she looks forward to “the many class projects I’ll be doing with my Spanish students and celebrating Día de Muertos,” and she “can’t wait to make calaveras and see how students remember their past family members.” Mrs. Oelschlager is thrilled to make memories with her students by teaching them Spanish in a fun way.

Students describe Mrs. Oelschlager’s teaching style as “energetic, involved, and sometimes silly.” She motivates her students by “encouraging them, telling them stories of people overcoming odds, and showing them that their efforts will pay off in the future.” When I asked if she could never go out during the day or never go out at night, she said, “I love both day and night. I am a night owl, but I also need my vitamin D, so I pick never being able to go out at night.” Her ideal dream destination would be to travel to Paris, France because “I’ve been wanting to go since I was a kid, and I hope to be able to go in the next couple of years and take my family with me and eat croissants, crème brûlée band macarons.” I had the chance to ask her what her hidden talents were, just for fun and curiosity, and she responded, “My hidden talents, now that they are no longer so hidden, are that I make beautiful tie-dye shirts and that I am a good dancer.”

Teachers not only bring aspects surrounded by education to our learning experience, but they also generate a fun approach to academics. Teachers at our school foster imagination and curiosity, develop skilled individuals, and nurture the next generation of students who will embark on a new path after high school. One of the most essential resources we provide to learners is purpose-driven and convivial teachers in every classroom. Many instructors, like Mrs. Oelschlager, create a lively, enjoyable environment at school. Go Knights!

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