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Mr. Davis: An Exemplary Addition to the ACP Family


Despite the common misconception that sports are only useful to stay physically active, they have a profound impact on how we see and navigate the world. They can teach us lessons about hard work, dedication, as well as losses, and how to excel despite them. Sports can bring people together no matter their differences, which is why their importance is far greater than some give them credit for. An ACP teacher who is very passionate about Physical Education is Mr. Davis. He teaches Soccer Locker, Partner PE, and Life, College & Career Prep. As he stated, “My life revolves around my family, health, and sports. I love being active and healthy, which is what inspired me to major in Physical Education.” He occupies a valuable position at ACP because he is a driven educator who always prioritizes the students’ well-being. Mr. Davis’ goal is to help students develop into virtuous and upstanding adults, which is why he strives to be the best role model he can be. He is a figure that students can trust and look up to, encouraging them to work hard and aim for excellence.

 Mr. Davis’ favorite aspect of ACP is the students and staff. As always, all members of the school have been very welcoming to make everyone more acquainted with ACP. Because of this, he is determined to be an exemplary individual to all and help everyone be the best versions of themselves. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Davis for a piece of advice he would give to students looking to pursue a sport, to which he responded, “Work harder than the next person. Don’t take any shortcuts and try your best no matter what.” As seen by Mr. Davis’ impact on students, role models provide guidance and inspire people to find their passion. A person who had significant influence on Mr. Davis was his high school baseball coach. As a result, Mr. Davis was inspired to be an exemplary teacher and coach. 

It is crucial for students to be motivated and encouraged by a person they look up to, which is why Mr. Davis is admired around campus. We can thank him for his dedication to help improve the school and its members. It is astonishing to witness his commitment and enthusiasm for ACP. Thank you, Mr. Davis, for inspiring every member of ACP to work hard and never give up!

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