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Mr. Wick: ACP’s Influential Director of Bands


Because music can influence our emotions and behaviors, it is extremely powerful and significant. It can serve as an outlet for self-expression and for people to communicate their ideas. At ACP, many students have achieved great things because of their talent and dedication to music. Although their accomplishments are unique and personal, they can also be attributed to the lessons they learned from their teachers. One such influential teacher who is driven, dedicated, and prioritizes students’ education is Mr. Wick, ACP’s Director of Bands.  Mr. Wick is a fantastic example of this. He is one of the 31 new teachers at ACP, and he teaches Symphonic Band, Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Percussion, and Marching Band. Because of the great influence music had on him and his life, he chose to become a teacher and help others recognize the beauty of music. As Mr. Wick stated, “I want to share my enthusiasm for music with others, and I want students to enjoy playing their instruments as much as I always did and still do.” His passion for music and devotion overflow into his teaching, which makes him an exemplary professor. 

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Wick when he realized music was his passion, to which he responded, “It has always been my passion. Ever since I remember, I have enjoyed music and performing for others. Musicians such as Maurice André helped me develop my passion. He was an influential role model in my life, and I remember wanting to play my trumpet like him.” Since Mr. Wick has always enjoyed music, it was only right for him to pursue a career related to it and be dedicated to helping others develop and refine their talents. Because of this, he received many remarkable opportunities that impacted his life and the way he navigated the world. This includes traveling throughout the United States and Europe to instruct musical ensembles. As Mr. Wick has plenty of experience, I asked him for a piece of advice he would give to students looking to pursue a musical career, to which he responded, “Do it. If you enjoy it, there is a place for you to participate.  You don’t need a music career to have a lifelong appreciation for it.”

In order to retain information and learn the best they can, students need to be motivated and inspired. To accomplish this, Mr. Wick builds students’ self-esteem by showing them their full potential. As he expressed, “I try to challenge students to make connections and to find ways to make it easier for them and strive to be better every time they play their music. It is also helpful to teach a subject that students have chosen to participate in and enjoy! I make sure to open doors for students to be successful, help them live up to their potential, and realize they can do better than they thought they were capable of.” Like all teachers at ACP, it is Mr. Wick’s goal to help students try their hardest despite any limitations. We cannot wait to see his students’ accomplishments as a result of his guidance. Thank you, Mr. Wick, for being an outstanding member of the ACP family! 


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