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ACP’S First Spirit Week


Spirit Weeks at ACP are always something students look forward to, as it adds excitement and creativity to any school. Usually, this marks the beginning of homecoming week or a big game. Because it is a special week, students dress up following the day’s themes to show off their school and team spirit. Spirit Week is a much-loved institution that educators plan as a way to get kids excited about their school’s spirit.  As a beneficial aspect, Spirit Week brings out the fun in each of the students and staff at school.  Nothing is better then an additional boost of energy for ACPHS’s first Spirit Week of the 2023-2024 school year.

Tie Dye Monday: Did you have a DIY tie-dyed shirt in your closet? Monday was the day to be wearing it to show off the cool design! This was the day you could have worn any colored tie-dyed shirt and walk with style. Going to school with your tie-dye shirt was a great way to begin the week!

White Out Tuesday: Wear all white! For the second day of Spirit Week, students dressed entirely in white. Although wearing all white is risky due to BBQ sauce or ketchup on fries, nothing could have gone wrong when you have enough school spirit. 

Wig Out Wednesday: Wednesday was when you could wear any wig you might have. It could been from a Halloween Costume or something else. Wig Out was the day to be goofy and have fun while in school. You could have only participated if you wore your school uniform.


Y2K Throwback: It’s that throwback where students wore anything from Y2K, a  fashion day that features flip phones, bright colors, low-rise jeans, and innovative attire. It is a vibrant blend of youthful energy, futuristic and bold clothing . Y2K stands for Year 2000, which became popular in 2000 and throughout the decade. This was the style, technology, and habits of people before the turn to the 21st century.  Even now, Y2K fashion is starting to come back this year in 2023.

Neon Friday: This was the day where each class showed up to school in their class color, the day that was the brightest and most blinding out of all the other days of Spirit Week. Freshmen wore neon orange, sophomores wore neon yellow, juniors wore neon blue, and Seniors wore neon pink. That day was also the day of ACP’s first football game of the year, which was hosted at ACP’s football field. So many students at the game cheered for their team. The night ended with ACP’s football team winning against Apache Junction. With so much school spirit, that event was a night to remember.

This week was an enjoyable one for all students and staff at ACP. Students experienced a new outlook and setting when they dressed differently than the standard dress code. While being in school, students and staff got to have fun and focus on their academics all at the same time. Go Knights! 

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