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Ms. O’Brien: One of ACP’s Admired Counselors


Because school can be a high-pressure environment for many students, they require support and guidance to overcome their struggles. Some people tend to resolve and deal with their issues alone, but it is important to remember that another person’s advice can provide new solutions and viewpoints. At ACP, all of our counselors make sure to provide students with the information and guidance they need in order to succeed. They impact us both academically and personally as they lead us in our high school years. One of this year’s new counselors, Ms. O’Brien, is dedicated to supporting and helping students in any way she can by preparing students for the future, and making sure they receive the tools and help that they require to reach their full potential. When I asked Ms. O’Brien to describe her job at ACP, she responded, “No day is the same in counseling. We are constantly working on different projects and multi-tasking. However, we mainly work with schedule issues and dual enrollment, preparing students for college and careers, and we help students who are struggling socio-emotionally. Although it is challenging to keep up because of the extensive workload and the number of students, I love that there is a lot of variety, and every day is interesting.” 

Although Ms. O’Brien does not have experience teaching, she has worked as an aide at a self-contained classroom where she discovered how much she enjoys working with students. I had the chance to ask her what her favorite part of working in counseling was, to which Ms. O’Brien responded, “I love working with students. I think it is very fulfilling to watch them grow, learn, and overcome obstacles. It is amazing to witness their graduation and see them move on to the next chapter in their life.” Ms. O’Brien is undoubtedly very passionate about her job and improving the lives of students. After working as an aide, she developed an interest in working with high school students and advising them. Initially, she worked as a college and career specialist but decided to advance her education and get her master’s degree. As Ms. O’Brien stated, “I really enjoy connecting with students.  I became a college and career specialist where I worked closely with counselors, and I started advising students on the next steps they would take in their life. I decided to pursue counseling once I realized how much I enjoyed helping high schoolers.”

Ms. O’Brien’s dedication to supporting students and their well-being only improves the ACP family. Her hard work and wish to help students succeed have made her a trusted and appreciated figure. I had the opportunity to ask Ms. O’Brien for advice she would give to high school students, and she expressed, “It is okay to fail. We learn a lot from hard moments in life, and they propel us into bigger and better things. Failing can be difficult since we all want to achieve great things. When we mess up…it’s important to remember we can improve from that. Through those hard moments, we are able to better ourselves and our circumstances.” Thank you, Ms. O’Brien, for all of the outstanding work you have done at ACP. We are all privileged to have you as one of our counselors. Go Knights!

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