The Knights Take on the District Art Show

The Knights Take on the District Art Show

During the last two months of the school year, our Knights find themselves busier than ever. For seniors, senioritis is a challenge to overcome with each new day, and for freshmen, the urge to just finish the last three years of high school grows with every passing day.

The conclusion of the year is adorned with ceremonies and shows, the District Art Show on Thursday, April 27, being one of them. Fourteen of our Knights were entered by their teachers to the show, and two of them took first place in their respective categories: Alejandro Rivera-Passapera’s “Isolation” in Digital Photography and Hallie Smith’s “Pond Turtle” in Ceramics. Their art can still be seen until May 11 at the Chandler Center for the Arts. Congratulations to these talented artists!

The other 12 artists are Knights of all grades and they all did exceedingly well at the art show:

Sean Connolly – Ceramics – “Dilophosaurus”
Malia Ohmer – Ceramics – “Aries Reincarnated”
Sanjana Boddapati – Ceramics – “The Sea Turtle”
Alyssa Ackerman – Ceramics – “Norbert the Whale”
Yuvamithrah Sathish – Ceramics – “Fatigued Mask”
Vishwesh Lakshmanan – Digital Photography – “Morning Dew”
Rafi Zaman – Digital Photography – “Cafe Vibe”
Joseph Fortunato – Digital Photography – “Building 777”
James Lapuz – Drawing – “Untitled”
Vedika Dhingra – Painting – “The Chains I Don’t Want to See”
Ella Becker – Painting – “Root”

At ACP High School, while we do pride ourselves in academics, we also encourage our students to be well-rounded individuals and take up multiple hobbies of different calibers, such as the arts, in this case. It’s remarkable to see our Knights take on bigger shows and ceremonies and grow as individuals, and it is so exciting to see them make their mark on the world and achieve great things in the future.


Featured Image: Art from the Streets

Image #1: Hallie Smith’s Pond Turtle on April 30’s Knightly Update

Image #2: Chandler Center for the Arts