Class of ’23’s Last Spirit Week!


With each passing day, we get further and further toward the senior class of 2023 graduating. On the week of May first, we usher in the final spirit week of the year, to prepare for Prom. Here are the days, what they are, and a few ideas that you can use as inspiration to show your spirit.

Monday- A Royal Rest: Can it be a spirit week if there isn’t a pajama day? This is a staple in spirit weeks and has no need for an introduction. For seniors there is also an opportunity to show your allegiance to your new school. Seniors can wear the shirt of the college they will be attending.

Tuesday- Bikers Versus Surfers: On Tuesday, grab your leather jackets or Hawaiian shirts because Tuesday is Bikers Versus Surfers where you can choose to dress up like a biker with black clothing, leather jackets, and helmets. Or you can don a Hawaiian shirt, sandals, and other summer clothing. In my opinion, Surfer day is the perfect day to wear clothing more acclimated to the heat of summer that has been upon us as of late.

Wednesday- Frat Day: Wednesday is Frat Day- wear button-up shirts, baggy clothing, backwards caps, and any other outfit that makes it seem like you belong in a fraternity. This has a lot of possible options, so use your creativity.

Thursday- Star Wars Day/ Favorite Superhero Day: Get your Jedi braids because Thursday is May Fourth, also known as Star Wars day. Celebrate the story from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. You can wear your favorite themed t-shirt, or come in full costume as a character from one of the most popular franchises in the modern world. But if Star Wars isn’t your thing, you can always do the alternative day – Superhero day. You can wear any item based on your favorite superhero as long as it follows school dress code.

Friday-White Lie and Anything But a Backpack: The final day of the Prom spirit week is a combined product of two staples of spirit weeks. First, white lie day, which is all about wearing a school appropriate lie written on a white t-shirt. This can be something like “I’m tall” or “I am an extrovert.” This can be a fun way to express something about yourself that not many know, and the only limit is your creativity. The other option built into this spirit week day is anything but a backpack, where -as the name suggests- you bring an item to hold your school supplies in anything but a backpack. Some famous examples are canoes, milk crates, or even laundry baskets. This day can often be one of the most creative days, but make sure what you bring does not affect student traffic in the hallways.

Those days make up the final spirit week for all the seniors of 2023, and we hope that this final spirit week will be a good send-off for all of them. Go Knights!