AP Exams: Tips for Success

Test Dates, and Testing Tips and Tricks

AP Exams: Tips for Success

AP exams, the standardized tests that are taken through College Board, are May 1st through May 12th. These tests are made to figure out just how well a student understands the college-level material from any of the various subject areas offered by the College Board.

The schedule for AP exams is as follows:

May 1st: US Gov (AM), Chemistry (PM), and Spanish Lit and Culture (PM)

May 2nd: Environmental Science (AM), Chinese Language and Culture (AM), and Psychology (PM)

May 3rd: Literature and Composition (AM), Comparative Gov and Politics (PM), and Computer Science A (PM)

May 4th: Human Geography (AM), Macroeconomics (AM), Seminar (PM), and Statistics (PM)

May 5th: European History (AM), US History (AM), Art History (PM), and Microeconomics (PM)

May 8th: Calculus AB (AM), Calculus BC (AM), Italian Language and Culture, and Computer Science Principles (PM),

May 9th: English Language and Composition (AM), Japanese Language and Culture (AM), Physics C Mechanics (PM), and Physics Electricity and Magnetism (PM)

May 10th: Spanish Language and Culture (AM) and Biology (PM)

May 11th: French Language and Culture (AM), World History: Modern (AM), and Physics 1: Algebra-Based (PM)

May 12th: German Language and Culture (AM), Music Theory (AM), Latin (PM), and Physics 2: Algebra-Based (PM)

Now, while it might seem stressful to study for the impending exams, here are a few study tricks that you can use:

1. Make a study schedule: Create a schedule and pick times to study for each AP exam you have to prepare for.

2. Make flashcards: Flashcards are great if you need to study vocab, formulas, or other concepts.

3. Join a study group: Making/joining groups with other students who are going to take the same AP exam as you is a great way to group study.

4. Mnemonic devices: Things like rhymes and acronyms also a helpful way to memorize information because they can help your brain recognize patterns.

5. Organization: Keep all of your study materials organized to make your studying process more efficient AND easier.

6. Take breaks: Taking breaks when studying can help you focus better than if you study everything all at once.

Good luck to all of the students that are going to be taking AP exam(s), and remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!