Sneaking a Peek Into the 2022-2023 Yearbook: Winner of the Gold Award

Sneaking a Peek Into the 2022-2023 Yearbook: Winner of the Gold Award

There are so many events to anticipate as we get closer and closer to the end of this year: from the Clue play to the Senior Walk-out, everyone at ACP High School, from the students to the staff, are excited to see the grand finale of the 2022-2023 school year. However, there is one item that is coming very soon and has been behind-the-scenes since last summer; a certain element that is integral to the wrap-up of every school year: the yearbook!

This year, our yearbook won the prestigious Jostens National Gold Award Program of Excellence: an achievement that recognizes the hard work and creativity that has curated our yearbook to its full potential. While I, nor anyone else, can reveal the theme of the yearbook, I CAN however introduce the genius veterans behind this year’s and last year’s yearbook: Jillian Douglas (11), Yumnaa Rajput (12), Caitlin Soelberg (12), Evie Henry (12), and, of course, Mrs. Patterson, who has helped guide them these past few years. Today, we’ll be talking to them regarding what they are excited about in this year’s yearbook and how the class has helped them grow.

When asking Jillian what she is most excited about in the yearbook, she explains that, “Having been in yearbook for two years now, I know how rewarding it is when the yearbook is sent out and people can see it for the first time. I can’t wait for that to happen again this year.”

Caitlin, who is also an executive member for the Senior class in student government, is excited about the new representation of all grade levels and staff/administration. “We tried out best to feature every member of ACP at least three times, whether it’s through quotes, pictures, clubs: you name it! I truly can’t wait for everyone to see our yearbook staff’s beautiful representation of the past school year and all it’s festivities!”

The team considers this yearbook extremely successful, with not only more people of all grade levels working on the yearbook this year, but also more events and clubs to feature. “I’m absolutely in love with the design elements this year,” says Evie. “Everyone did an amazing job bringing to life the ideas that we curated since the beginning of this year. Additionally, our success this year can also be attributed to our dedication toward coverage and ensuring that every student is accurately and creatively represented, with members, like Caitlin, doing a fantastic job with taking pictures. Overall, I love our team and the progress we’ve shown is immeasurable.”

The team and it’s members have grown a lot since last year, and while they can be busy, they also have learned how to manage time and work together as a team, express by Yumnaa, who says that yearbook has “helped me become more social and learn how to make connections and become more self-reliant. It has helped me with numerous things from enhancing my creativity to being more punctual.”