Writing Science-Fiction


Science-Fiction is a massive, expansive genre of literature that has been around for centuries, older than the printing press, filled with different sub-genres to fit whatever an aspiring author or radiant readers. Here are a few popular genres of science-fiction.

The first big type is space opera, a setting that focuses on space warfare and melodramatic adventures, with a lot of famous stories such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Mobile Suit Gundam. Each of these stories use the horrors of war and conflict to tell tales of growth, of change, and of triumph. Space opera is a very popular genre to write about, as it is a great way to convey a theme of hope and create a simple structure of good versus evil. No one needs to question the morality of the Empire in Star Wars, you just know that they are evil. It is a wonderful starting point for worldbuilding and plot outlining.

Another popular subgenre is space isolation. Typically horror or man vs. nature, these stories focus on a lone explorer or astronaut severed from the rest of their race for some horrible reason. Similar to space operas, isolation can show a triumph of the human species. Notable stories are The Martian or Project Hail Mary both by Andy Weir, or 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. These stories are great to talk about a character’s mental state and how it can change one of the most basic human necessities – human interaction.

For the authors who are more inclined to horror or romance, first contact stories are a fantastic way to show one of the oldest fears in humanity, fear of the unknown. Films like Independence Day and E.T., these are all about humanity’s first interaction with life not from Earth. These can be stories of support and symbiosis, but they could also be tales of terror and trauma. First Contact is a sub-genre as old as science-fiction itself; you could even argue that it predates sci-fi, with ancient stories of people around the world making contact for the first time.

We hope that these different genres can help you find the perfect story for you. There are numerous other genres that we don’t have time to talk about here, but that shows just how expansive Science-Fiction is as a genre. Go Knights!