Random Acts of Kindness Week


As we close our third quarter, StuGo set up the yearly Random Acts of Kindness week, also known as RAK week to end the first half of the second semester with a flourish. But what is RAK week? Random Acts of Kindness week is a day where the students are encouraged to simply be kinder to others for no personal gain, merely just for the act of kindness itself. It is a positive message that brings happiness to all. StuGo has a few fun activities for the students to help celebrate the week with the theme of Inside Out.

Every day during the week, you can order a memory gram for one of your friends to be delivered Wednesday and Thursday with a small candy for the person. Give one as thanks to a teacher, a close friend, or maybe even a partner?

Monday is Battle of the Classes day where each grade and the teachers are each given a color to represent their group, which also represents one of the main characters in the movie Inside Out. The class that has the most spirit gets a free dress day!

Tuesday is free popcorn and lemonade day. During your lunch you can get a cup of lemonade and a bag of popcorn to enjoy, but be careful, if I know anything from the school stairs during passing period, the lines will fill up swiftly.

Friday, to give a big sendoff to the third quarter, is movie day. During lunch in the cafeteria the movie Inside Out will be shown. Every student during their lunch is invited to come and watch the movie with all their friends.

We hope that every student enjoys the final week of quarter three, and we can’t wait to see you all again at the beginning of our fourth and final quarter. Go Knights!