Model UN at Sonoran Desert Conference


On February 24th and 25th, ACP’s Model UN team participated in the Sonoran Desert Conference at the Mesa Community College. I had the opportunity to interview Adhya Chandrasekaran about her conference experience.

The first thing I inquired of Adhya was what country she represented, and what committee she was in. “The country I represented was Denmark, and the committee I was in was UNICEF.”

I also asked about her topics and what research she did for them, as well as what she learned from researching her topic, “My topics were addressing child trafficking, and ensuring education for all. I researched on government websites and the official UN website. I learned that some countries have been very proactive addressing these topics and making their efforts known, and some simply don’t have the means economically or politically to advance in these issues, and others unfortunately don’t have interest in them. However, I did learn that all these issues affect all nations and all people across the globe, and that many people are only doing what they think is best for their country and others.”

Lastly, I asked Adhya what she took away from this conference and what she looks forward to in future conferences. “I learned that no one is perfect, and at these conferences I found myself making a lot of mistakes, but then I also noticed everyone around me doing things that weren’t necessarily the standard protocol, so it gave me a little more confidence, and I think it made me not so scared to speak and potentially make a mistake. I also look forward to discussing more and newer topics further down the road, and maybe meeting some of the same people and catching up with them!”

Adhya is just one of the members of ACP’s incredible Model UN team who are working toward a better and brighter future for the world, which truly is what the PREP way is all about, striving for the impossible and being extraordinary! Go Knights!