Quarter 3 for ACP: What to Look Forward To

Quarter 3 for ACP: What to Look Forward To

Before we wrap up with the 2022-2023 school year, ACP is looking forward to a fun-filled Third Quarter!

International Knights Festival 2022

First on January 20th, there’s the International Knights Festival and Fashion Show!

Then on the 24th, get ready to represent those clubs you have joined because we’re taking our club photos. Please wear your uniform polo instead of the club shirt, due to time constraints, and make sure to show up on time.

Starting off February, there’s the B.S.U’s (Black Student Union) Spirit week on the 6th-10th.

On February 10th, enjoy a night of fun at Steam Knight.

On the 21st-24th, take part in MORP Spirit week, right before…

…Mr. ACP on the 24th, and MORP on the 25th!


Finally, during the last week of school, make sure to participate in R.A.K. (Random Acts of Kindness) week, and end off the quarter on March 10th, with the R.A.K. assembly!

And of course, starting March 11th and ending March 27th is Spring Break!

This quarter is chock-full of fun events, so make sure to take part in them, and live the PREP Way. Go Knights!