Mamma Mia! The Best KOS Musical Yet!


As we begin our second quarter, the Knights Theatre Company (KTC) begin to perform the choice musical for this school year, Mamma Mia! The first showing was last week from the 27th to the 29th of October, and the second showing begins November third and lasts until the fifth. Tickets are $10 for students and $12 for non-students. You can get the tickets on GoFan.

I Can Still Recall: I have a personal bond with Mamma Mia! My mother loves the musical so I grew up listening to the soundtrack. Seeing as how my mom made me a Mamma Mia! snob, I had high expectations for the musical. Thankfully, the show not only met my expectations but blew them sky high. Every single piece of set design, clothing, and lighting was done fantastically, and the auditorium has wonderful acoustics that let every person present able to hear the actors clearly. The music was crisp and as good as I remember it being.

Dancing Queen: I feel like I committed a crime. I haven’t even mentioned the actors themselves and we are already this far into the review. The actors all do an incredible job, from the leads to the background. Each actor puts their all into their part, singing their hearts out and bringing out all the charm and personalities each character has. My personal favorite was Griffin Slivka as Sky, but I may be a bit biased for obvious reasons. But other notable performances are of course Leyna Doe as Sophie and Donna as Allie Stearns, both phenomenal in their respective roles. The dancing and choreography are on point! With each dance moving perfectly in time with the song, it is clear that everyone put a lot of practice into the play.

Thank You For The Music: All in all, Mamma Mia! is one of the greatest plays I have seen performed by a high school. The set design, the singing, everything about it was on point. The cost of tickets is worth every cent. We hope that this can help persuade you all to go and see the show and support our school. Go Knights!