Senior Yearbook Dedications Are Now Available!


As the 2022-2023 school year is almost halfway done, it’s our senior’s last year of high school, and as such, our school has given parents of seniors the opportunity to buy yearbooks ads for their senior(s). What is a yearbook ad you may be asking? A yearbook ad is a quarter, half, or full page dedication to seniors and is a fantastic way for parents and families to celebrate the last year of their senior’s high school career.

What can you incorporate in these yearbook ads? Here, parents and families can chose the design of the page, choose pictures of their child from childhood until present day, and include loving and/or fun messages, which is a very special way to honor our seniors as they leave high school. Once the yearbook comes out at the end of the year, they see their dedications in all of it’s glory. Our parents are always there for us, which helps us to always remember to live the PREP way and go Knights!

To create your dedication go to: