Crochet Club: Yarn Over a New Hobby!

A small pair of crochet jellyfish

Our school has many different clubs to let the students try out and hone their different interests. One such club is Crochet Club, which, as the name suggests, allows the students to try the art of crochet. But what is crochet? Well, it’s simply a handicraft in which someone creates patterned fabric or items with yarn and a small hook, which can be used to make items of varying sizes such as blankets, stuffed animals, and hats. The club had its first meeting last Tuesday, on the 29th of August. During the meeting, the club officers went over the meeting times (Every Tuesday after school in C203), the different ways to crochet, the goals of the club, and the materials needed.

When asked about what the goals were for the club, club officer Talia Parras said “We want the club to be a safe environment for people to come in and have a blast to crochet. We think that anyone can get hooked on crochet.” She then proceeded to show me a multitude of her small crochet creations such as a tiny bee and octopus.

Club officers Daniela Serra, Talia Parras, and Anya Morman showing off their own works

One of the materials needed obviously is yarn that can be purchased in multiple types with varying colors and sizes. Another essential item is the hooks that are used to manipulate the yarn and come in multiple sizes. You can determine what type of hook you need by checking the yarn itself – on the tag it should say what type of hook you need. The club does have different yarn that you can borrow for your own projects, but you do need to supply the hooks yourself.

We hope that this article can be helpful to anyone who has an interest in crochet. The club meets every Tuesday in C203. This amazing, innovative yet relaxing club guarantees that you will get hooked! Go Knights!