2022 Annual Club Fair- a Review 


Finding like-minded company is always a tedious task. It would help if you could be part of a forum where you could meet others with similar interests. ACP’s annual club fair this Tuesday offered an excellent solution. The club fair displayed plenty of options for students with diverse interests. These options ranged from  fashion, food, and gardening, to ones like academic decathlon, biophysics, and engineering. If these types of clubs aren’t your passion, the school also offers athletic avenues for students; you can participate in sports like golf, basketball, soccer, badminton, wrestling, and many more. Students also have the opportunity to talk to Mr. Roth about starting their own club, if those that are currently offered don’t pique their interests.

During the club fair, students were free to roam the courtyard and part of the hallways to find the clubs that best fit their interests. Along with the students that were scoping the fair to decide on a few clubs to join this year, there were also some students who were running the booths. These students took care of setting up the tables, passing out flyers, advertising their clubs with demonstrations or just by shouting, and cleaning up their booths after the fair was over. I had the opportunity to talk to Niranjana (Nina) Sreeprasad who was running the “She’s The First” booth at the club fair. She has been a part of the club, ¨for three years, starting with freshman year, and skipping out only on sophomore year¨. When asked about the number of sign-ups her club received, she said, ¨Because ‘She’s The First’ is a well-known organization due to its name, and there were a lot of sign-ups. I was concerned that there was going to be less sign-ups, but luckily, I saw a lot of people scan the QR code for interest form¨. The QR code she refers to was a feature that was displayed on a lot of the booths at the fair. Students were able to scan them to fill out an interest form for that club. While in the beginning she was unsure, Nina felt that talking to other people about She’s The First’s cause was an enjoyable experience. Her favorite part of the fair was, ¨seeing all my friends at their booths promoting their own clubs! It was fun to see them smiling and laughing about something they’re so passionate about especially since a lot of my friends are club officers, showing how much they have grown over the years.”

The 2022 club fair also debuted some of the new additions to the clubs’ list this year. This list includes the Aerospace club, the Coding and New Technology club, Flag Football, and more. The list of additions just goes to show that the school administration really listens to the opinions and ideas that the students have to offer when it comes to improving our school. Personally, I feel that the level of inclusivity in the clubs offered here at ACP is amazing. They offer clubs rooted in different ethnic groups, clubs that center around creativity, clubs that involve academics, and clubs that give opportunities for students to join school athletic teams. So regardless of what interests you, if you were at the fair scouting the options, there is little to no chance that you returned empty-handed.

P.S. If you were unable to attend the Club fair, the list of clubs and sponsor contact information can be located at:  https://www.cusd80.com/domain/5707