TED Talk’s Latest Speaker Alex Kroumov: Critical Thinking and Life Skills


Alex Kroumov is a senior here at ACP, and last weekend (July 30th) he was presented with the great honor of giving his very own TED Talk. For those of you who don’t know what a TED Talk is, it is a recorded talk within the general bounds of spreading ideas through powerful speeches. I was tasked with interviewing Mr. Kroumov and this the conversation that followed:

When he was asked about being selected for the TED talk, Alex responded, “It was about the role of research in life skill development, and development of critical thinking skills.”

“So what was it like giving the TED Talk?” I asked.

Alex with Mrs. Nath

“Well It was interesting. I was talking and sharing my ideas in a public forum, so I was sharing my ideas to strangers mainly, but also my closest friends and family. It mostly felt like a conversation where I could get the ball rolling and share my perspectives to strangers,” Alex replied.

As I continued to ask Alex questions I decided to ask him “How were you selected to give the talk?”

“Well, I was selected through my LinkedIn.”

“So, what inspires you?” I inquired.

“Sharing my unique perspective on these topics, and broadening others’ perspectives,” Alex responded.

“Has going to ACP influenced you during the TED talk process?”

“Honestly it was more of a summer thing. But I would say that in general going to ACP has made me a more well-rounded person, as well as allowing me to create meaningful relationships that I need for this kind of stuff.”

Alex in the Midst of sharing his ideas (Credit: Mrs Nath)

As this seemed like a natural ending point, we both said our goodbyes and went back to our day-to-day lives. Hopefully, this story inspires more and more ACP students to strive for greatness and follow The PREP way; Go Knights!