Parking Passes: What You Need to Know

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

As the class of 2025 breaks into the sophomore year, many of the students are starting the long, but easy path to true freedom: driving. Seeing as how the current sophomore class is such a large portion of our school, we decided to share essential information before you (safely and carefully) start to begin your new driving journey.

The most important part of the parking rules is, of course, the parking passes. To get your own parking pass all you have to do is go to the Arizona College Prep High School website and fill out the attached google form here. This form has you give your name, grade, and all the other standard information such as your car’s model and license plate. Once you or your parents fill out the required form, you can go into the office and meet with Mrs. Wilson; she will show you all the open spots that you can choose. Once you do that, you can pay the $80 at the bookstore, and then that parking spot is yours until the end of the year!

Seniors Presley Brewer (Left) and ThaiLee Gerding (Right) Decorate their parking spots to ward off all the underclassmen

So more about the parking itself- there are a few rules that you have to follow, but most of them are standard rules to follow: Follow the campus speed limit (10 miles per hour), follow all directions of school employees, and all trash around your vehicle must be picked up are the most common rules you will see outside of Arizona driving laws. Any of the rules broken may result in the loss of a parking spot but that is in extreme cases.

The assignment of parking lots are important to understand. Each of the driving grades (sophomore, junior, and senior) has a specific parking lot. Seniors have the spots right in front of the school (Lots A and B), juniors have the spots to the left of the senior lot (Lots C and D) and sophomores park down by the football fields (Lots E and F). While that news may make your legs cry out in pain from all of the walking, think of it as exercise and how much it builds character! Hopefully, this article helped settle some of the confusion about the parking lots and spaces, and we hope to see all of our new sophomores driving soon!