Winter Spirit Week

Winter Spirit Week

The last spirit week of the semester is here, and it’s a big one, all leading up to the Winter Formal on December 4th, from seven to ten P.M. in the school cafeteria. The following are the days for this spirit week, and while some have already passed, there are still more days to show your school spirit!

Monday- Mismatch day: On Monday, wear your favorite set of clothing that doesn’t match, whether it be different socks or two jacket sewn together to create a large, two tone jacket, show your weird side on this day!

Tuesday- Pajama Day: A classic in spirit weeks, come to school in your pajamas or whatever you sleep in (must be school appropriate) There isn’t much more to say about this day that hasn’t already been said countless times.

Wednesday- Old or young day: On Wednesday, come to school dressed as your younger self or older self. When it comes to your younger self, choose a few items that can replicate a picture from your childhood; for your older self, try doing a career you want to have or how you think you’ll look in a few years.

Thursday- Country or Country club day: Thursday is a day to show your upbringing, whether you are a country person or a suburban country club person. Choose your side and show off your style with cowboy hats and bola ties for country, or sweater vests and khaki shorts for the country club. Choose wisely.

Friday- Holiday appreciation day: This is a day where you can show off your favorite holiday, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any holiday you may celebrate. This is the day to show it off to your peers and educate them about your culture or tastes.

We hope to see you all do great things with these days given to you all. Go Knights!