The Celebration of LatinX history

18% of the people in the United States are Latinx (Latinx being the gender neutral term of a person of Latin American Heritage), so it would make sense to have a month dedicated to admiring the achievements of influential Latinx people, the month has passed, taking place from September 15th to October 15th, but Mr. Ruiz’ class of ACP High has put together a showcase of some of those influential people

On the second floor of the D building, Ruiz has a small display of essays written by his students showing people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Selena, Roberto Clemente, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Students were paired up in groups of two to choose one influential Latinx person and had to write a full essay on their life and achievements, and since Ruiz is a Spanish teacher, they had to write their essays in Spanish (But they also had translated versions for people). Ruiz hung up the essays in the hallway for the school to see, I thought those essays were fantastic, a majority of them were written really well, there are definitely some future authors in the making in that class. I think that what the class did was a really good idea to celebrate Latinx history and culture, showing others what people of Latinx heritage have done and will do.