Sneak Peek Into Astronomy Club


The stars and planets have been in the sky since the beginning of humanity’s existence, and not only are they pretty to look at, but they’re useful to tell what the time is. For example, back in the Middle Ages, people used the placement of the Sun to tell time. When it’s morning, the Sun will be in the east, when it’s noon, the Sun will be in the middle of the sky, and obviously, when the sun is setting, you know night time is coming. Even today, in a time where we can just pull out our phones and look at the time, astronomy is such a beautiful concept to indulge in. So, I took a look into the Astronomy Club to see what they’re up to.

Thursday, September 16, 2021’s meeting

As of this week, they’re currently deciding on how to get funds to support their club, so if you see something related to supporting the Astronomy Club, be sure to check it out! If you have a question about clubs, be sure to contact Mr. Roth, our amazing dean of students. There is also an East Valley Astronomy Club in our state where there are monthly Zoom calls talking about space-related topics, like the launch of Inspiration4, a rocket that launched a few days ago with four non-astronaut people, so as of now, there are currently 17 people in space. Mr. Spruell, one of the club’s sponsors, along with Mr. Sawyer, talked about Heavens Above, a website that tracks the location of satellites. For example, Mr. Spruell talked about the International Space Station, ISS for short, flying above Arizona at 7:30 P.M. as a non-blinking white light, and man, was it a wonder to see! Another aspect that the club talked about were telescope donations, so if you have an unused telescope that’s catching up dust, be free to donate it to the Astronomy Club, and ask one of ACP’s administration for the donation paperwork needed to make sure that the telescope would be CUSD’s property. Make sure to check out the club’s Instagram as well for more updates and information, which is @acpastronomy, and its currently a work in progress. As always, remember to stay safe, Knights!